Today's to-do list weighs on your shoulders like a lead brick. And you’re not breathing.
That's stress.


The Power Pause: Breathe Your Way to Inner Peace

The life of your business is on the line. Mind racing, you're looking for a new way to find clients.

As an entrepreneur, you're under tremendous pressure. And it's making you sick!

It's time for a 60-second reset.

Your free Power Pause guide provides simple yet effective techniques to help you reset the stress switch. Reclaim your power, energy, and success from the clutches of stress.

A Special Bonus

When you download The Power Pause, you'll receive four incredible Tune In videos to enhance your healing and manifesting journey.

These exclusive videos energetically empower you to create the future you truly desire. Each short yet impactful sound healing session will help you tap into your inner potential and align yourself with the success, well-being, and vitality you deserve.

These videos are a valuable addition to The Power Pause guide, providing you with an enhanced experience that will propel you towards lasting success.

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Women healers, coaches, and ex-corporate professionals hire Sandra to grow their business because most are overwhelmed, scattered, and don’t have enough clients.

So she helps them to identify opportunities for increasing their income fast, structure their business for sustainable growth, and tap into and enhance their intuition.

Bottom line, they increase their income and impact, guaranteed.

Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee is an intuitive sound and energy healer with a unique and effective combination of abilities. When you’re navigating grand, new territory, she sees what you’re missing.

Sandra empowers women healers and coaches to get clear about what you want, make more money, and be in action creating your change-the-world dreams.

Be calm, clear, and in action in service to yourself, family, clients, and the world.

Expand your impact.


Change happens one action at a time.

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